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In a survey of "hundreds" Wilton Magazine readers chose Dr. Marvin Schweitzer as the #1 Naturopathic Doctor under the Health Category.




Dear Marv,

It is unfortunate that this appreciation album was misplaced. Otherwise, it would be filled with acclamations, especially mine! So I will try to condense fifteen years of association into one letter of appreciation.

Starting in 1988 I began to enjoy your wonderful care, and throughout these years I have been getting better and better. As you know this doesn’t mean I didn’t have time of illness, but you have always been on hand to help me get better. How I appreciate your support then and now as you continue to make yourself available to me in person as well as by phone. You always make time for me, and no ailment is too insignificant to warrant your concern.

You will remember when I first came to your Wellness Institute you found that my body was not absorbing Vitamin C; you prescribed a homeopathic remedy to reverse this ailment completely. Then there were those months when mouth sores seemed to plague me; again your remedies helped to reduce the pain, and recently we found that Olive Leaf Extract alleviates the problem quickly and effectively.

I’d have to fill this album with testimonials to enumerate all the medical care I have received from you over the years, i.e. oxygen therapy, etc., etc. But I must make mention of my most outstanding remembrance, namely the BTA test you administered. I was amazed to see the printout from your equipment; it listed the date, my name, my chronological age, and then my biological age ten years younger! Just imagine, your Wellness Program added ten years to my life!

For the sake of brevity I will make a summation of a few of the things I appreciate:

  • Your expertise in diagnosing and treating my problems,
  • Your focus on how my body responds to the remedy rather than what it claims to do,
  • Your readiness to recommend another branch of medical care whenever there is need,
  • Your hugs of welcome and farewell,
  • Above all, your special understanding of my needs and your kindness in meeting these needs throughout our wonderful fifteen-year-association.

Although you say it is not in your job description, you are and always will be my Prince Charming.

I thank God for expressing His Love and Care for me through you. May He continue to richly bless you and your Wellness Center.

With fond regards,

M. Patricia Gallagher
Darien, CT

An additional special benefit requires a postscript to this testimonial, namely Sandy Gluckman. Sandy has been a long-time support and inspiration to me; not only have I enjoyed our conversations, but I always learn something to help me from contacts with her. The beauty of the office itself and the kindness of the personnel invariably brighten my spirits. I always look forward to my appointments.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that Dr. Schweitzer changed my life. Before coming to the Wellness Institute I experienced health issues that traditional medicine was unable to resolve. I had seen several M.D.’s and was getting nowhere. I felt like I was at the end of my rope. When I first called in, I spoke to wonderful Sandy Gluckman. She encouraged me to come in and assured me that Dr. Schweitzer would be able to help me.

I am so glad that I made the decision to come in! With exceptional care and attention, Dr. Schweitzer gave me nutritional support tailored EXACTLY to my individual needs. He suggested sound eating principles while working to help balance the intricate chemistry of my brain. This, undoubtedly helped me to think, work, and feel remarkably better! He encouraged me to stick with it, when at first I was impatient and wanted the quick fix. I soon saw amazing results that only began to compound in effect over the seven years I have been routinely visiting.

I have recommended Dr. Schweitzer to countless people. One being my fiancé, Laura who has also experienced positive results and is just as grateful to our experience here as I am.

Here’s what she would like to say:

I received the highest level of care and attention at the Wellness Institute. After my first visit, I made sure that Dr. Schweitzer became my primary care doctor. When I began seeing Dr. Schweitzer, I had brain fog from certain foods, allergens and heavy metal toxicity. I also suffered_ from long, painful menstruation. I didn’t believe that my symptoms could be changed from diet and nutritional supplements; but like Doug, I placed my trust here and it worked! I especially found the flower essences, nutritional and digestive support, as well as the homeopathic tinctures to be of incredible value. Further, I worked with Niki Ralis using the OnDamed procedure which I would like to also credit for deep healing and helping open me to my true calling in life. What a blessing!

Sandy Gluckman has been an integral part of my healing process as well. She is warm and caring and always quick to offer her support and helpful suggestions. She has worked with and around our schedules on so many occasions. She is knowledgeable, always happy to see us and generous in sharing her intuitive wisdom. She is a true asset to the team and we always look forward to seeing her on our visits.

Dr. Schweitzer needs to be commended for his dedication to his own health, to the field, and to continually advancing his practice for the betterment of all of his patients! In a world where you oftentimes wait longer for a visit than the time spent with your doctor; my experience here was just the opposite. I have ALWAYS felt like I had 100% time, focus, commitment and support. This is invaluable! Dr. Schweitzer holds a lifetime of knowledge and experience. His work is transformational! He uses leading technology with upmost precision and care. And at the Wellness Institute, the word care truly holds meaning and healing power. In my heartfelt recommendation, if you are considering scheduling a visit, you must come … and continue coming. Trust in your process and in the fact that you are in good care- in fact, the BEST care.

Thank you, Sandy, Niki, and Marvin. You have become a part of our family and you have always treated us like family. There is no way to express the gratitude we have, for not only our health and well-being- ( I truly feel radiant now! ) but for the time, commitment and highest level of care that you have provided us – always.

Laura Cassetti
Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor

In closing, I have recommended Dr.Schweitzer to the people I care most about and now I am recommending his services to you. Dr. Schweitzer is a pioneer in the field. He uses cutting edge technologies to offer lasting results. He also offers a focused presence, warm temperament and holistic framework that is unparalleled. He is a true healer. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself with the best!

Douglas Jaser
Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Dear Dr. Schweitzer,

I cannot thank you enough for the miraculous way you have helped me to maintain good quality of life. This in spite of the many serious illnesses that you have seen me through.

I am now 74, and about eighteen years ago I had an arrhythmia and heart disjunction. My cardiologist almost persuaded me that 1 needed an implant to regulate the erratic beating of my heart. He thought that only very toxic medication, which carried with it serious side effects, would help me to prolong my life. Instead I came to you and you treated me with gentle herbs and non-poisonous homeopathic drops and encouraged me to improve my diet and to detoxify. While it took a couple years, now no one can find any sign of the arrhythmia.

I was a chemist for many years and was poisoned by some gaseous chemicals in the lab, and came to you with a continuous racking cough, I was actually coughing day and night. You enhanced my immune system and supported my damaged lungs. It was a year and a half before I was back to almost normalcy, but it worked. Others with similar damage now suffer from the osteopenia etc. caused by the prednisone and other deleterious drugs they were given.

You have supported and helped me through my various autoimmune diseases: psoriasis, arthritis, Graves’s disease, and suspected Lupus, where conventional medicine has no satisfactory answers.

I cannot even imagine what my life would have been without your skillful help and I want to express my deep gratitude to you for your amazing knowledge and generous patience.

With love,
Helen Owen
Stamford, CT


Dear Dr. Schweitzer:

It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that I write this letter to you today. Three years ago when my life took an unexpected turn you were there to guide, support, and comfort in a way that made a most difficult journey easier to walk.

The diagnosis of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) gave my illness a label that I could research to try and understand just what had happened to me. My entire world as I had always known it was now changed to one of chronic fatigue, food allergies and all sorts of reactions to our environment. Midway through the treatment schedule you so carefully set up for me, a diagnosis of breast cancer threatened to put all our hard work at risk. Together we had both worked hard to restore my health and we had made exceptional progress. Sitting down we discussed a strategy and you offered me options and alternatives to the chemo and/or mastectomy that are the standard traditional medicine protocols. The key point was that you placed the decision in my hands saying you would support me in whatever I chose.

That power to choose and have a hand in getting well in partnership with you, I believe, made all the difference. Thanks to your years of experience and vast knowledge I am happy to say I have been cancer-free for 2 years now with all body parts exactly where they belong. I have returned to a more normal life with regard to the MCS. My life is good again.

I will always be grateful to you for your dedication to excellence, continued education in your field and your willingness to “listen to the patient.” It was three years of pushing the mark, taking the risks and following your instructions to the letter. Very well worth it all!

I wish also to extend my heartfelt thanks to your staff who always responded to my calls and questions with patience and the utmost courtesy.

I could think of no better name for all of you than “The Wellness Center.”

Linda A. Aulenti
Norwalk, CT


Dear Dr. Schweitzer,

I wanted to write and say thank you. As you know, our son has been a patient of yours for about two years now. Our son has had a history of slight medical issues: acid reflux, asthma, allergies (both seasonal and food), and eczema. We have visited several doctors since he was born 7 years ago. I am certainly one to question medicine, and believe_ people_ are overprescribed_today -especially children. Without getting to the route of the issues, we treated each separately, taking the advice of the corresponding specialist — just doing what we could.

A little over two and a half years ago one of his many sties turned into a chalazion — a pea size ball beneath his lower right eyelid. This did not go away. We saw a highly recommended eye doctor. They prescribed drops, and had to lance the chalazion to drain it. Our son was left with a remaining sty on the upper eyelid and a large flap of skin from the lanced chalazion that did not “shrink” as they said it would. Every time he blinked the flap would rise up and come over his lower eyelid. As you can imagine, this was not received well by a child. We then saw one of the top eye surgeons around, who was in all accounts a great surgeon. Our son had to have a full operation, and be put under at the hospital so they could surgically remove the “flap” and remaining sty. He is left with some scar tissue, and although that is not too bad — my research showed that people who got chalazia usually had them time and time again. The surgeon also wanted him to go on Restasis, basically forever—for ‘dry eye’. NO WAY! There was no way that I was going to have my son have multiple operations nor have a prescription eye drop for a long period of time.

Prior and during this, we were putting steroid cream on our son’s eczema. As the eczema never really went away for long, we kept putting the steroid cream on his arms, legs, feet and hands. In addition, his seasonal allergies combined with his acid reflux (which we learned of the connection of those two later) was causing his body to have ‘asthma like tendencies’ with wheezing, etc. So, we were using the nebulizer every day, which of course did not work all the time, so we ended up in the hospital several times per year with a very low oxygen count and on oral steroids during the hospital visit.

My friend and I were talking one day and I was complaining how I hate all these medicines and steroid creams. She recommended your practice, and said how much both of her boys (now middle and high school) benefited from your advice. That was one of the best conversations I have ever had.

Since our son has been in your care: his allergies are slowly improving, which correspond to how often he wheezes (although he is on an inhaler, we are slowly decreasing the frequency — and he has not needed the rescue inhaler in over 2 years, nor has been to the hospital!); his eczema is 90% gone year-round; and he is off 2 of the 4 prescription medicines that he was on. In addition we use a homeopathic eczema lotion, and I only have had to use the steroid cream two times in over 2 years.

In addition to better overall health, quickly after he first saw you he started to develop another chalazion in the same location as the one that required surgery. It was about Y2 the size of a pea. We tried three different under the tongue drops you recommended, knowing that each person reacts differently. The third one worked — within two weeks the chalazion was gone completely! This was AMAZING!! We use these drops occasionally, to keep all sties away: three drops under the tongue every 3-4 weeks (this works for him, no sties!). I use this example as my main proof that your practice and “naturopath” doctors do work. Even my skeptical family members have to admit it as they witness the proof! I wish I had known of you sooner we would have avoided that surgery, and be able to have gotten him healthier sooner, but I am so glad that you are his doctor.

One last note: We are fortunate to have a Pediatrician and G.I. that also want the best outcome for our son, which means working with me in conjunction with you. This has not always been the case, as 1 have been through a number of doctors that have their own agenda, and do not answer questions to the detail I would like. I have since ended my relationships with any doctor who had their own agenda over my son’s health. I am left with a team of Pediatricians at Park Street, a G.I., a Dermatologist, and a wonderful Naturopath Doctor that all want my son to be both physically and emotionally happy — and he is!

Thank you again for your professionalism, knowledge and warmth. I am very grateful that our son is in your care!

Beth Boles


Dear Doctor Schweitzer;

Nine months ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. After a weekend spent hiking in the woods, I saw the infamous “Bull’s Eye Ring” on my side. I immediately consulted my general practitioner and began a prophylactic treatment.

Unfortunately, I did not respond well to the antibiotic prescribed and for the following six months, I experienced Lyme disease symptoms: fatigue, weight loss, transient arthritic and muscular pain, memory loss and depression. My doctor changed the antibiotic three times. The third medication seemed to relieve the symptoms but I would relapse within two days at the end of the treatment. I was beginning to refer to my illness as “chronic Lyme” and was very concerned about the quality of my life.

I had heard of Oxygen Multistep Therapy and decided to try.

I met with Doctors Schweitzer and Cohen: “The treatment is non-specific. It will give your immune system the boost it needs to fight back,” they said. “Stay on the antibiotics, the Oxygen Multistep Therapy will optimize your response to it.”

And so it did! I have been off medication for three months and have been symptoms free for two. I believe I have fully recovered from Lyme disease. In the process, I have discovered the Oxygen Multistep Therapy as a powerful adjunct treatment to serious illness and as an effective preventive one.

I gratefully thank Doctor Marvin Schweitzer for his knowledge, expertise and patience. I would also like to commend the entire Wellness Institute staff for their dedication to excellent patient care.

Best regards,
Francoise Ducroz Zucker


This is a letter of endorsement for the Homeopathic Dilution (pre/post surgetone) which Dr. Marvin P. Schweitzer prescribed for Margaret T. Harper for a period of time after surgery for a detached retina.

The surgery took place on Aug 26, 2004. It involved placing a “buckle” around the eye in an hour and one half operation. The next day a bubble of liquid was injected into the eye to further assist in re-attaching the retina. On September 8, 2004, I started using Dr. Schweitzer’s dilution. I used it as prescribed until the bottle was empty.

Today, January 6, 2005, I had my check-up with the surgeon who remarked that my retina was completely attached and I had made a remarkable recovery. My optician then examined my eye for a new prescription and found the operated eye to be 20-50 in vision. He, too, was amazed. The fact that five days had elapsed between the detachment and the surgery was very detrimental to a complete recovery. I attribute this in part to the healing solution which Dr. Schweitzer prescribed and I am most grateful.

Next week I will receive my new lenses and both eyes will function together again. Thank you, Dr. Schweitzer!

Margaret T. Harper


Dr. Schweitzer,

I am so grateful for all you have been for me. This note is long overdue.

I came to you a mess. My husband diagnosed with 2 primary cancers and me with an undiagnosed phenomena. First and foremost, you listened, I mean really listened.

In acknowledging what I was going through, it gave me a ray of hope when all others were calling me crazy, hypochondriac, OCD and self-inflicted. When others said it was anatomically impossible, you acknowledged what I was experiencing.

What became apparent from the start is your passion for your work. Excitement about new diagnostic equipment and what it could mean for your patients. I remember discussing that having someone get well is the greatest high in the world. I believe that, along with intrigue with the human body & spirit is your motivation.

I haven’t been an easy patient. I came late. I was panic-stricken much of the time. I brought in every vitamin known to man plus all cosmetics, lotions and soaps for you to test and two gazillion questions. You somehow managed to cram it all in.

We focused in on a tooth to take out. It went against every grain in my body to lose a tooth, but you educated me. You took the time to present the research not just dictate a course of action. After removing the tooth, the massive infection began to recede. Hope came back, my chemical sensitivity began to improve, the pathogens burrowed into my tongue began to let go. The possibility of functioning in the world became more of a reality. It is not all gone but I focused on being present and enjoying life inside of my issues.

Now, after two years of unemployment and worldwide economic collapse I am forced to step up and find a way to support myself and preserve all that I have worked for my entire life. It is daunting and scary. I need to hide my disabilities from a potential employer, sell myself when I am feeling totally insecure. So I came back after a long hiatus. You welcomed me with understanding, acknowledgment and new exciting tools to help me faster and more thoroughly. I am making a shift from despair to hope.

You are truly one of the most wonderful human beings and the most effective doctor I have the privilege to know. Thank you so much!