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Why Naturopathic?

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About Our Doctors

Dr. Schweitzer

Dr. Schweitzer has a wealth of clinical and life experience. He speaks fluent French and German and is married with two children. His wife Niki Ralis (MA, ABS- practitioner of BrainPaint™ and Ondamed®), fostered his interest in naturopathy. Before co-creating the Wellness Institute, Niki had to put up with a husband who spent inordinate amounts of time in the lab with Prostaglandin E1, spectrophotometers, Petri dishes, interferon, the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, rat mitochondria, tissue cultures, grant proposals, and two strains of mice instead of her! Thanks also go to Sandy Gluckman at the front desk for facilitating a caring patient-centered space. We consider it a great privilege to serve and are humbled by the response over all these years.

Dr. Amy Etsudo Wiesner has been practicing wellness medicine for almost 20 years.  She is licensed in both Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture in the state of Connecticut and Acupuncture in the state of New York. In addition to her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, she received her masters’ degree in Acupuncture from the University of Bridgeport. Dr. Wiesner received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, where she also attended the Eastman School of Music.

She is also certified as a Fasting and Nutrition expert for Longevity and created the Optimal Body Program with Dr. Schweitzer.  This is a lifestyle program that helps people to be healthier, lose weight and prevent disease and aging, with a combination of lifestyle counseling, nutritional supplementation, diet changes and various treatments.

Dr. Wiesner has many tools to help people to be healthier, including Asyra, the bio-energetic testing technology used by her long-time mentor, Dr. Marvin Schweitzer.  This technology provides on-the-spot feedback to customize each patient's care.

Dr. Wiesner has taught in both the College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Acupuncture Institute of the University of Bridgeport. 

She is certified in advanced Psych-K, a technique that helps to identify and dissolve your limiting subconscious beliefs.

Dr. Wiesner helps people to balance physically, emotionally and mentally while giving them tips on how to make changes on their own.

Dr. Schweitzer was a resident post-graduate Fellow at NCNM in the fields of Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, an instructor in endocrinology, and a supervisor of student doctors at the Portland Naturopathic Clinic. This was followed by training in natural therapies in Europe, including oxygen multistep therapy with immunostimulation with East Germany’s most celebrated scientist, Professor Manfred von Ardenne.

Dr. Schweitzer earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences. This was followed by post-graduate research at McGill University, Montreal, in the fields of immunology and endocrine pathophysiology. He received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine (ND) after a 4-year program from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Marvin Schweitzer
Regatta victory in England, 1968. Marvin Schweitzer is the oarsman to the far-right and was attending boarding school.

Licensed by the State Naturopathic Boards of Connecticut and Oregon, Dr. Schweitzer has been a general practitioner in Fairfield County since 1985. A member of both the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association, he is the pioneering director of the Wellness Institute in Norwalk.

For over 30 years, Dr. Schweitzer has been helping the people of Fairfield County, Connecticut, including Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Stamford, Bridgeport, Greenwich, and Danbury. He also has patients from New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, even Switzerland, Germany, Israel, and Malaysia.

Dr. Schweitzer brings an eclectic blend of naturopathic medicine, family medicine, advanced diagnostics, homeopathy, other energy medicines, nutritional and botanical medicines, and European biological medicine to the table for his diverse range of patients—who vary in age and suffer from a diverse range of illnesses, such as ADD, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, allergies, digestive, mood and sleep disorders, food intolerances, or suffer from metabolic, cardiovascular, or immunological problems.

– 2400 years old, yet still relevant today.

A Conversation With Dr. Marvin Schweitzer: Of The Wellness Institute

Dr. Marvin Schweitzer has been doing pioneering work as a Naturopathic Physician in Connecticut since 1986.  The profession has grown tremendously since that time and, as a former medical researcher in endocrinology and immunology at McGill University, he is enthusiastic about the similar explosion in medical knowledge that has occurred.

What are two of the advances in bio-medicine that excite you most?

Apart from the mapping of the human genome, I’m amazed at how much more we know about the biochemical pathways and genes involved in inflammation – a major driver of all the major killers: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and so on. A drug, even if it is a blockbuster, is one molecule that can only modulate a small portion of the pathways involved. Food and phytonutrients, however, contain hundreds of molecules that, in conjunction with stress management and exercise, act powerfully throughout these inflammation pathways. Careful toxin removal also reduces inflammation and immune dysregulation.

And the other advance?

Another exciting area is energy medicine. There is growing scientific realization that acupuncture meridians, and their branches going to the nucleus of individual cells, are carriers of many energy frequencies including light photons with laser-like properties. We appear to have a fiber-optic network within our bodies that can carry huge amounts of information. These scientific findings help explain how homeopathy, Ayurveda and acupuncture work; and how the over 100,000 chemical reactions per second in each of our 50 trillion cells are coordinated.

Do you use energetic methods other than Acupuncture and Homeopathy?

Yes, there are several additional energy therapies that we use in our office, including:

Asyra electrodermal screening taps into this internet-like fiber-optic network in our bodies. It is enormously helpful in finding effective and well-tolerated nutrients, energy medicines, toxin cleansers, and allergy and food intolerance desensitizers.

ONDAMED pulsed electromagnetic field therapy stimulates tissue healing and regeneration and unblocks the network. Patients with Lyme disease, injury, osteoporosis and pain frequently benefit.

Gentle laser light therapy, including Erchonia, re-establishes proper communication and facilitates healing within the body.

Any new developments in your practice?

On the evaluation side, a thorough history coupled with laboratory and physical exam data is foundational. Body Composition Analysis tells us about the health of cell membranes, hydration and percent body fat vs. lean. We are now using MaxPulse accelerated photoplethysmography to screen for blood vessel health and heart rate variability to measure important aspects of stress and resiliency. As heart disease, stroke and stress are acknowledged as big killers – this is a wonderful new addition.

On the treatment side, BrainPaint EEG Biofeedback helps people with anxiety, trauma, ADHD, sleep and stress. We also have exciting old and new approaches to improve blood vessel health to lower inflammation and balance the function of the immune and nervous systems.

So how do all these cutting edge technologies and treatment options come together for the patient?

We use all this information to generate an individualized plan to move you in the direction of greater health and wellbeing. Careful listening, a caring attitude, education, addressing underlying causes on our part and your shared commitment and desire to partner with us, all contribute to excellent outcomes.

Dr. Schweitzer brings an eclectic blend of advanced diagnostics, cutting edge therapies, homeopathy, other energy medicines, nutritional and botanical therapy and European biological medicines to the table for his diverse range of patients. He is the director of Wellness Institute located at 1 Westport Avenue, Norwalk. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 203.847.2788 or visit DrMarvinSchweitzer.com.

Natural Awakenings Article May 2021, page 16

by Dr. Amy Wiesner

Healing from COVID Fatigue

Most of us have never lived through a pandemic.  The elimination of our normal activities, even our freedom, which helped to keep us relatively balanced both emotionally and physically, has resulted in widespread unhealthiness!  Being home, shut away, constantly around food, some of us without touching other beings (whether human or animal) has taken a toll on the world population.

We may have PTSD—Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  We have been traumatized by the change to our lifestyles and in extreme cases, our food supplies, homes and income.  We have been also been in survival mode for a year—our very lives have been threatened.

According to Psychology Today, COVID-19 fatigue is a “complex of emotions that include boredom, loneliness, sadness, frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, and resentment, all brought on by the loss of activities and social relations produced by pandemic restrictions.”  Though the pandemic hasn’t yet gone away, there are some ways in which to help us to cope with this fatigue.

Now that the long winter is over, make sure to get out in the fresh air!  Sunshine is very important.  Not only will it help to reduce our feelings of isolation and confinement, but sunshine is necessary for a healthy body!  We need sunshine to help support our circadian rhythm, to produce vitamin D, to balance our hormones melatonin and cortisol and to help promote healthy sleep.

Exercise is another way to fight COVID fatigue.  We feel better both physically and emotionally when we exercise, not to mention the healthful benefits to our bodies and overall health.  Exercise can help us to live longer and healthier and to stave off disease.  It also releases chemicals that make us feel better emotionally and helps us to have healthier sleep.

Healthy sleep is incredibly important for mental and physical health and this is often neglected.  Creating a healthy sleep regime is necessary for gut health, hormone balance, healing and repair and a healthy immune system.  

And think about how grumpy we are and how we sometimes can’t think properly when we don’t get enough sleep!  It can even affect those around us—our loved ones, our co-workers, the driver who just cut us off!  Prioritizing sleep is necessary.  Set a schedule and try to stick to it—and make sure to get 8-9 hours each night, preferably between 10 pm to 6 am.

Stress is also an ubiquitous side effect of the COVID pandemic.  Stress negatively impacts all our of body, including our immune system.  Not to mention the emotional and mental toll it takes on our everyday lives.  Who doesn’t have some kind of stress in their lives, even before the pandemic?  The thing is, you can’t eliminate stress, but you can change your reaction to it!  Only you can do that!

Meditation is an effective way to decrease our stress levels.  By sitting still, and being calm, you can change the way your brain reacts to stressors in your life.  Our brains actually have an enormous capacity to change—it just takes consistency! Even if you only start with 3 minutes a day and work your way up, it’s a start to a less stressful life!

Healing therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage are also great ways not to just deal with stress in general, but also to help waylay COVID fatigue.  Acupuncture, for instance, helps the body to release endorphins which makes people feel happier and create the “runner’s high”.  Even just taking a bath or a long, indulgent shower can be healing!

Adrenal fatigue also needs to be addressed after a year in a pandemic.  The stress from the change in our daily lives and the threat to our very existence which puts us in “fight or flight” mode can tax our adrenal glands.  Exercise, proper sleep, a healthy diet and meditation can help get you on the right track.  

Of course, a healthy diet must be mentioned!  Eating healthy, unprocessed, whole foods is incredibly nurturing and healing.  Not only are you getting essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, you are decreasing inflammation in your body which can cause disease.    It also makes us feel good long term, whereas eating improperly can make us better initially, but feel tired or unwell later on, which only causes more stress.  Eating healthfully is often the hardest thing to change as we use detrimental foods as a source of comfort in times of stress.  Take this time to choose wisely and you feel better both emotionally and physically!

Having a community to belong to with people who care about you is important to staying healthy mentally and emotionally as well.  Religious groups, meditation groups, exercise groups and shared interests are ways to find like-minded individuals who can be supportive.  And many groups are conducting meetings via Zoom, so you can still connect with other people even if you can’t leave home. 

And to keep our bodies the healthiest they can be so that we can hopefully avoid ever contracting COVID, we must combine all of these efforts to maintain a healthy immune system.  Exercise, sleep, healthy food choices and mental and emotional wellbeing are all necessary for us to be at our best.

And please seek professional help if you are really unwell either emotionally or physically or both.