In a converted blue house on the corner of Westport Avenue and East Avenue in Norwalk, your first visit begins with a simple conversation. Our informal interview tells me a lot – important family history, dietary habits, childhood experiences, even lifestyle details you wouldn’t imagine could affect your health. It’s like a detective story – we actually try to go to the scene of the “crime” to understand where things have gone wrong.

We’ll talk about personal goals, past health issues, current concerns and the little things that make you the individual that you are. No two patient treatments are the same – your needs are very much your own. This information helps me determine which natural therapies (homeopathics, nutrients, detox procedures, etc.), lab tests, and other diagnostics are likely to move you to better health.

Dr. Schweitzer will perform a thorough conventional work-up, including vital signs, body composition analysis and baseline heart rate variability analysis, to get a handle on your stress, fitness levels and cellular health. He’ll evaluate and figure out how to treat toxin levels, body stress, energy blockages, allergies and food intolerances. Safe, non-invasive methods like our electrodermal screening (EDS) technology ASYRA® consistently yield remarkable clues to helping your body heal. The patient always leaves with individualized medicine, along with instructions regarding his/her treatment plan.

We provide you with the correct molecules, energy and information to unleash the healing power of nature within you. By focusing purely on health, symptoms and diseases often fall by the wayside. Removal of toxins allows for better functioning of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. It also allows for the free flow of information-rich energy throughout the body.

In practice, we attempt to nourish, cleanse and balance. We take the necessary time and care, and have the technology and expertise to know what to work on, and in what order. During your first visit, the first three of the following elements are worked on. Typically, the other issues are addressed subsequently. This allows us to create a healthy foundation on which to build.

  • Restoring cellular communication pathways and optimizing nutritionFor example:  enzymes, probiotics for effective gastrointestinal function and nutrients for energy and preserving healthy cells
  • Systemic DrainageClean the extracellular matrix by opening up and optimizing the functioning of the kidney, liver and lymph pathways – this helps avoid problems when we detoxify cells
  • Symptom ReliefNatural medicine has much to offer in this arena. Conventional or “allopathic” medicine also excels in treating symptoms and is sometimes the best choice in life-threatening situations. Regrettably, conventional drugs can create big problems and can interfere with the natural processes of healing.
  • Neuroendocrine SupportSupporting brain, neurotransmitters, hormones, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, sex organs and helping with stress
  • Detoxification of Cells and Local DrainageWe remove chemicals, pesticides, mycotoxins, microbes, heavy metals and their frequencies
  • Cellular RepairWe use homeopathics called sarcodes, constitutional remedies, miasmatic remedies, gemmotherapy, glandular therapy, methylating agents; antioxidants targeting mitochondria (where we make biochemical energy) and the chromosomes (which contain the hardware or genetic blueprint for our bodies). Ondamed® pulsed electromagnetic frequencies also assist with tissue regeneration.
  • Healthy Maintenance/Well-Being ProgramsFor example:  Oxygen Multistep Therapy with immuno-stimulation, mitochondrial resuscitation, weight optimization.
  • Identifying and Treating Food Intolerances and AllergiesThis can dramatically reduce inflammation, as does detoxification. Inflammation is a driver for many illnesses.
  • Life Style ModificationsOf course:  appropriate exercise, food, water, sleep, fiber, mental attitude and help with unhealthy habits.

Achieving and maintaining wellness is a team effort. No decisions are made without your understanding and consent. My goal is to allow YOU to take control of your health…with me acting as guide and mentor. My approach is about education, not just medication – I’m here to inform and enlighten, and your participation plays a major role.

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